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Minimum amount of tokens needed to receive BNB rewards is 5 million Bitcat tokens

Bitcat has a buy back utility built allowing for sustained buying pressure and burns.
With multiple sources of revenue and a huge planned marketing drive, there is no better reason to hold Bitcat.
Earn 3% in BNB automatically and airdropped to your wallet. To qualify for BNB rewards, you will need to hold 5 million Bitcat tokens.
Our fantastic project works daily to foster trust and confidence from our dedicated community as we’re not another meme coin.
Become a crypto influencer and win reward for your work.The social token help the burning.
Our cofounders are a close knit team of experts in their fields and are highly approachable. This team, will be what will drive this project to new heights.

BITCAT Roar is a unique feature where in a one-hour period will have the buy tax reduced to 3% and sell tax increased to 25%.
After the hour is completed, the selling tax will decrease 6% every hour there after until it reaches the regular 12% sell tax. The buy tax will immediately increase to the baseline of 12%.

Create Your own
social token

Your social token

The advantage is tremendous and therefore uses a force of attraction with a triple action :

At Bitcat, a social token is an influencer who has been given the privilege (because it's free) from Bitcat engineers to have his own crypto-currency with an option on the smart contract to burn some Bitcat.
An influencer can finally progress rapidly in his career and monetise his content in crazy ways because, indeed, crypto is volatile, but during a pump, you can get rich and reach a million.
An influencer will be able to present himself in a video on the Bitcatcoin Telegram for free in order to take advantage of a large community.
For the Bitcat community and the influencer's community, this is only positive, because the more tokens with a burner commander, the more unprecedented burn is created.

Let your crypto be your own, especially if you already have an audience,
whether it's on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and even Snapchat.

How to burn

See what YouTube influencers
have to say about Bitcatcoin.


we have many great ideas that we're excited to bring to the holders of Bitcat. Got any ideas of your own ? We love community input - let us know on Telegram!

Q4 2022 Boarding List

- Build team and communities
- Launch social token
- Launch website
- Free giveaway
- Token deployment
- Audit contract
- 5000 telegram members
- Private sale
- Ads on voting platform
- Public presale
- Pancakeswap launch

Q1 2023 Imminent Departure

- Listing on cmc & cg fast track
- Start expansive marketing
- Crypto influencers
- Listing on gate io
- Launch our e-commerce
- Certik audit

Q2 2023 Destination Moon

- Listing on bitmart
- Launch staking platform
- Listing on hotbit
- Add debit / credit cards
- Airdrop launchpad
- Launch nft
- Launch nft marketplace
- Celebrity hosts and events youtube/social influencers

Q3 2023 Social network

- Partnerships compaigns
- Website update v2
- Launch bitcatwalet
- Launch Pictomag
- Listing on kucoin
- Listing on binance